Minegenco’s team is dynamic and specialized with decades of experience in both the power and mining sectors

Our Team

The core executive team has been created specifically to address the complex and unique characteristics related to integration of renewables into the power supply for mining and industrial sites.

In power, the team’s strengths are solar photovoltaics, wind and utility asset development, financing, construction and operations management. Combining this with an in-depth understanding of the mining industry, Minegenco’s mission is to offer power solutions to its clients with the lowest cost of energy for a given site, whilst minimizing emissions.

Wide-ranging international experience and networks helps to ensure that all development, acquisitions, structuring, financing, construction and asset management are carried out professionally and expertly. Our processes are efficient and transparent, and the team interacts constantly, across all activities.

Responsible for selecting and working with local developers, evaluating transactions, and bringing projects from greenfield stage to financial close then transferring to the Construction Team.

Project finance
Structures debt and other non-recourse financing for newly developed or acquired projects.

Our team has a strong track record of raising debt and other non-recourse financing at the best possible terms to ensure assets fulfill their required cash yields and rate of returns over the long term.

Responsible for selecting best in class EPC contactors and world class equipment best suited for the project at hand. Also negotiates all EPC contracts and supervise construction till handover to asset management team.

Asset management
Managing and optimizes the asset portfolio, reports and ensures environmental, social and governance compliance.

Once our power plants transition from construction, or via acquisition, to an operating asset, we’re responsible for driving their performance and managing any associated ownership risks to ensure that our solar energy platforms offer more than others.

This means we focus on reducing downtime and operating costs, as well as guaranteeing that the site is well maintained with all the necessary upgrades to ensure continued safety and efficiency.

Corporate finance, accounting and compliance
Primarily updating and tracking of budgets, liquidity plans, tax adjustments and regular distributions. Responsible for administration and support of multiple holding and project companies.

Compliance and governance are key across all aspects of Minegenco’s business and ensures adherence to our various policies and procedures as well as external regulations.

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Lon Taranaki and Dheeraj Aggarwal at 20MW Solar Facility in Mongolia